Take Control Of Your Practice

Business & leadership coaching to ease the day-to-day complexity of running a dental practice so you can thrive.

The best dental teams aren’t born, they’re coached.

Ease the day-to-day burden of running a dental practice and take back control.

Align your Team

Become a high functioning and accountable team so you can balance the business responsibilities you carry alone.

Increase Practice Profits

When we engage the team, and streamline operations, profitability becomes the result.

Regain your time 

More efficient communication and meetings along with systems will give you back time.

Learn what works 

Get proven solutions and guidance from your coach to improve outcomes and reach goals.

Lack of predictability is costing you both time and money.

How much are scheduling inefficiencies, lack of accountability, and poorly run team meetings costing you? Most days you probably feel like you are winging it and letting fate decide how your practice day is run. But, no practice should wing it.  We understand the complexities you face in your business and can teach you and your team how to navigate them, take back control, and become more predictable and profitable.


Upstream Coaching engagements

Leader Focus

(One On One with Leader/Doctor)
  • Tackle Challenges
  • Develop Systems
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Run Effective Meetings
  • Analyze Your Overhead
  • One-on-One Coaching

ALL IN Coaching

(Full Team Comprehensive)
  • Business Strategy & Goal Setting
  • Gain Accountability Skills
  • Create Order with Systems
  • Leadership Development
  • Analyze Metrics
  • Well Executed Communication Strategies
  • Improve Schedule Flow
  • Increase Treatment Acceptance
  • Focused Coaching & Training for Team
  • On-Site Practice Visits

We know your Struggle.

We know how hard it is to keep every plate spinning in the practice and understand the burden this can cause you inside and outside the office. We don’t just care about your business, we care about you and your team. We have coached over 100 practices and helped them become more predictable and in control. 


How Do We Work Together?

  1. Schedule a 30 Minute Call (it’s complimentary)
  2. Prepare a plan
  3. Start taking control – Let’s Go!